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  • Multi-functional food dispensing pet toy for cats and dogs.
  • No electricity, it can be moved by a nudge from pet.
  • Designed with a self-weight balance system and will not be knocked over.
  • When it is shaken back and forth, snacks will leak out.
  • Relieve anxiety, improve IQ.


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The Fun Pet Swing Bear Food Dispensing Pet Toy is a great way to keep your pet entertained and relieve boredom. This unique toy dispenses food as your pet plays, providing an engaging and stimulating activity. The tumbler design is also bite-resistant, making it a safe and durable option for your pet.

Fun Pet Swing Bear Food Dispensing Pet Toy

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  • Material: high quality of ABS/PC, ECO friendly.
  • Size: 14x7x11cm approx.
  • Weight: 380g approx.
  • Suitable for cats and dogs.

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