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FurryTail® Cat Window Perch | Cat Hammock / Air Bed


Elevate your cat's comfort and safety with Tail Life Concept's VIP Viewing Platform, a cat hanging bed designed to meet their natural instincts. Providing a high vantage point and a comfortable place to sleep, your feline friend can relax while enjoying a stunning view from your window or any other elevated spot. Perfect for indoor cats.


Key Benefits:

  • Safe and Secure

Our secure hanging bed features a reliable suction that keeps your cat safe as it hangs while providing a panoramic view.

  • Heavy-duty

Designed to support multiple cats, with a maximum weight of 35kg. Suitable for larger cats too.

  • High-quality materials

It is a cozy and comfortable resting seat, featuring a breathable fabric and strong iron pipe frames that won't deform easily.

  • Easy to Clean

It features a removable fabric that's easy to clean with soap and water, quick-drying and always ready for your cat's high-hanging needs.

  • Easy to Install

It is easy to install with no need to punch a hole in your wall. Simply stick the suction cup onto the wall and twist to secure it in place.


FurryTail® Cat Window Perch | Cat Hammock / Air Bed


FurryTail® Cat Window Perch / Cat Hammock / Air Bed

$68.99 Regular Price
$62.09Sale Price
  • Brand: Tail Life Concept
  • Frame size: 57 cm x 32.6 cm
  • Hammock size: 43.4 cm x 32.6 cm
  • Total height: 60 cm
  • Net Weight: 1.05 Kg
  • Scope of application: Universal for cats
  • Recommended weight: not more than 35 kg



  • Purple: PVC, iron pipe, polyester, zinc alloy 
  • Orange: Canvas, iron pipe, polyester, zinc alloy


Available colors: Purple and Orange

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