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Looking for a fun and fashionable cat carrier that will definitely catch attention? Look no further as the Space Capsule Cat Carrier is what you have been looking for? Cool and trendy, this cat carrier will look smashing with car loveable cat lounging inside.


  • COMES WITH A COMFY CARRIER HANDLE that allows you to easily carry the capsule without having to use both your hands! Let your pets relax inside the space while you bring them for a stroll around town.
  • WITH A SOFT AND FLUFFY FOAM that adds comfort to your pet. Its pillow will rock your pet to rest and relax when they are inside the capsule.
  • EXCITING SPHERE SHAPE that looks great even when placed inside your home. Use it as a sleeping lounge for your pet inside your room or use them as a carrier and it will add style!
  • INCLUDES VENTILATION HOLES that will freshen up and provide enough air inside the sphere for added comfort.
  • CHOOSE BETWEEN 2 COOL COLORS found on this collection – white and blue. No matter what color you choose, this pet carrier will look amazing!


Start using a pet carrier that will add style and flare whenever you bring your pet along for a ride. Get yours today!


FurryTail® Space Capsule Cat Carrier | Pet Carrier For Car (Free Pet Cushion)

$149.99 Regular Price
$134.99Sale Price
Out of Stock
  • Color classification: Oxygen blue, Frost white
  • Applicable size: medium cat bag
  • Material: ABS, PC, TPE
  • Size: 38 x 38 x 40 cm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Suitable for pets under 5kg

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