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MewooFun® Recordable Pet Training Buzzers / Dog Communication Talking Botton Set


  • Benefits of learning dog talking

While speaking to your dog may seem like a superfluous skill, there are benefits that make it worthwhile. For instance, learning how to talk with buttons helps you communicate your needs and desires directly, which in turn helps you build trust and loyalty between one another. Furthermore, teaching your dog how to speak out loud is a surefire way of entertaining friends and family.


1. Choose your words and record them

To choose your words, pay attention to the things that motivate your learner. These may already be words they recognize (e.g., outside, play, cuddle). Once you select a word, use it repeatedly, in context without adding different conjugations. For example, to model ‘play’, when you’re about to play with your learner, say ‘Do you want to play? Ok, let’s play! Play play play!’


2. Model how to use buttons

After you’ve recorded your first button, ‘model’ the new word/phrase for your learner by (a) saying the word/phrase, then (b) pressing the corresponding button, and (c) either directing your learner’s attention to an object (‘ball!’) or engaging in the actions you’ve just described.


3. Stick with it and be patient

When learning any new language, the first stage is observing and absorbing. This will be the first stage of learning for your dog or cat and it can take some time. Don’t get discouraged, be consistent with your button teaching and check out our Guide for steps and trouble-shooting tips.

MewooFun® Recordable Pet Training Buzzers / Dog Communication Talking Botton Set

$64.99 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price
  • Product Material: ABS, Rubber
  • Product Size: 36 x 24 x 4.8 cm
  • Product Weight: 0.54 Kg
  • Note: The package includes important information and instructions, please keep it well for future reference.



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