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Uah Cat Telescopic Teaser Wand Cat Toy


Uah Pet Telescopic Teaser Wand Cat Toy is easy to store and reaches up to 1.5m, covering a larger space for kittens to have fun and burn out their energy.
Give your cat the chance to show their brave hearts with this teaser wand cat toy. The natural look of the teaser encourages cats to stalk, pounce and engage with their prey. And best of all, its easy on and off design allows you to disconnect the toy for simple storage!

Weighing only 23g, our teaser wand cat toy makes it effortless to play with your cat. Just move the wand, dangle the toy, and watch your cat go crazy for hours while you keep scrolling on your phone or enjoy your chill time on the couch.
Made of highly-resilient carbon fibre, this teaser wand cat toy is durable to grow with your cat from being a kitten to a die-hard hunter.



Uah® Cat Telescopic Teaser Wand Cat Toy

Out of Stock
  • Size: 5.5×5.5×43-150cm
  • Weight: 0.03kg
  • Material: 30T HVF carbon fiber

Package Include:

  • Uah Pet Telescopic Teaser Wand Cat Toy x 1
  • Accessories x 4

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