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10 Kitten Essentials Checklist - Bringing Home A New Kitten

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

When you first bring your cat home, you will need the basics, the 10 essentials checklist we created to help you get ready for kitten arrival, so you’re well-prepared to give your kitten the best start in life!

You’ll need to have a cat carrier to transport your kitten home for the first time, and take them for their vet visits in the future.

Providing your kitten with access to a cat litter box is a must, and having accessories like a litter scoop and litter mat on the side is essential for keeping your home clean and smelling fresh.

Our litter boxes come with free gift pack which includes the litter scoop and litter mat, options such as the semi-closed litter box or the open litter tray.

A set of sturdy bowls for food and water is a must. One for water, one for food. Make sure they have a feeding placemat to minimise slipping during feeding.

A cozy, covert cat bed is the best for your kitten to call home will make them feel safe, and help them settle


Toys provide kittens with mental and physical stimulation and help you build feeling connections with your kitten. Make sure you have a variety of different toys for your kitten that you regularly switch out so that they stay entertained.

An accessory cat scratching post is both fun and useful for your cat and will allow them to scratch, climb and hide safely, and will contribute to the positive well-being of your cat by respecting their natural instincts. Your kitten can test their claws on this rather than on your furniture.

Kittens are superb self-groomers, but you can help your pet out by regularly brushing them to keep their coat extra shiny and healthy. You will also need to trim your kitten’s nails with a dedicated animal nail clipper.

Apart from looking good, a brushed coat contains less dead hair, meaning less is available to be removed by your cat while grooming. This has its benefits as with grooming activity constituting an average of 30% of your cat’s time, it leads to ingestion of shed hair, leading to hairballs and sometimes digestive issues.

There are many different types of cat litter available so make sure to choose one that suits both you and your kitten. We always suggest having one more litter tray than kittens to allow them to choose when doing their private business.

Kittens need the right food to support their growth. Quality kitten food has been scientifically formulated to contain all essential nutrients and vitamins for your kitten’s healthy development.

#10 Basic Cat Health Supplements & Treatments

Protect your kitten from the discomfort of a parasite infestation by regularly treating them with parasite preventatives. Speak with your local Greencross Vet for more advice on the right products and treatment schedules for your kitten.

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