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Design-Centric Cat Scratcher Makes an Inexpensive Material Look Elegant

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

References: Lifestyle

While there are plenty of cat scratchers that are made with cardboard, The 'MAKESURE' Sisal Scratching Board sets itself apart as a modern, elegant addition to one's home that does not look inexpensive. The simple cat scratcher boasts clean lines and a minimalist design that is ergonomically designed to cradle a cat comfortably. The MS Sisal includes a patent design from flat board can turn into a side table, which allows for the surface of board to be held together without an adhesive. As such, the sisal of scratching board that make up the cat scratcher can easily be replaced to keep the piece of pet furniture looking fresh and new. Additionally, the core of the design is also replaceable, so that only the pieces that need replacing can be swapped out without requiring pet owners to break the bank.

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