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  • Multi-functional pet supplies for any dogs, that combiness function of tableware and pet toy.
  • Catapult design, can slow down pet's daily feeding speed and protect pet's gastrointestinal health.
  • Pet is guide to tap the top of the product with its paw to get food and snacks, which is a reward for pet's behavior.
  • The semi-transparent visual granary design is able to know the storage situation in the granary at anytime.
  • Design of anti-falling, with 4 non-slip rubber pads on the bottom.
  • Prevent food stuck in.
  • Emergency feeding supplies.


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Looking for a stylish and functional feeder for your cat or small dog? The Fun Pet Food Catapult Round Feeder is perfect! This feeder features a unique catapult design that makes it easy to dispense food, as well as a semi-transparent visual design that allows you to see how much food is left. Plus, the anti-falling design ensures that your pet will always have access to their food.

Fun Pet Food Catapult Square Feeder - Medium

$39.99 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
  • Material: high quality of ABS, ECO friendly.
  • Size: 17×17×18.6cm (Square Shape)
  • Weight: 1kg approx.
  • Suitable for dogs in any size.

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