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  • Powerful Deodorant function -Mayitwill odor eliminator used new deodorization technology and tested more than 50 times to make the deodorization rate above 90%. Just place the deodorizer in or near the litter boxes to make sure there is no odor around.

  • Odorless & 100% Cat Friendly - Mayitwill cat litter deodorizer is different from scented cat litter, deodorant powder or neutralizer, it won't generate any harmful fumes or unwanted smells and cats will feel particularly comfortable.
  • Applicable Occasions - It is suitable for all kinds of occasions requiring deodorization like cat litter Boxes, pet house, shoe box, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, etc.
  • Auto On/Off & Smart Sensor - Equipped with a high-sensitivity biosensing system, 360° intelligent identification of the moment the cat enters and exits, and when the cat approaches, the smart pet odor eliminator will turn off through the built-in infrared sensor. After the cat leaves, it starts to eliminate the smell efficiently. 
  • USB Powered & Economical - USB powered, no extra battery needed. Litter box odor eliminator works low power consumption (About 1 watt electric power ), one charge provides up to 1.5-month of battery life. our litter deodorizer saves you from replacing expensive accessories ( no more maintenance and material replacement fees required) .


Looking for an attractive and modern way to keep your cat's litter box out of sight? Mayitwill® Negative Ion Smart Deodorizer | Cat Litter Box Odor Eliminator is the perfect solution! This stylish litter box furniture piece features odorless & 100% Cat Friendly - Mayitwill cat litter deodorizers sleek, modern design that will complement any home décor. The semi-closed design provides your cat with a private, secluded space to do its business, while the built-in scoop holder and dustpan make it easy to keep the litter box clean along with it is USB Powered & Economical.


Mayitwill® Negative Ion Smart Deodorizer | Cat Litter Box Odor Eliminator

MayitwiMayitwill® Negative Ion Smart Deodorizer | Cat Litter Box Odor Eliminator

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Litter Box Maintenance & Accessories:

  • Size: 8.8*8.8*2cm.
  • Weight: 158g.
  • Deodorization Rate: ≥90%.
  • Dust-Free Rate: ≥99.9%.
  • Working Hours: 24-hour monitoring.
  • Battery Life: 1-month of battery life (rechargable battery inside).
  • Charging Method: USB Powered (30cm USB cable).

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