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MS! MAKESURE® Modern Cat Litter Box - Moss Green (Free Litter Scoop + Litter Mat)

Upgrade your cat's litter box with the green MS! MAKESURE® Modern Cat Litter Box - a stylish  and convenient solution with a lidded design and removable liner for easy cleaning. This package includes a free litter scoop and mat, ensuring a tidy and hygienic space for your furry friend.


Key features:

  • Immaculate outlook of Makesure Modern Cat Litter Box
  • Magnetic suction cover to hide kitty messes
  • Hut-like design with round entrance and easy cleaning
  • Pull-out litter tray for easy removal of litter
  • Grated steps at entry point to prevent litter tracking
  • No more litter tracks with this clever litter hiding box!


MS! MAKESURE Modern Cat Litter Box - Moss Green (Free Litter Scoop + Litter Mat) 

MS! MAKESURE® Modern Cat Litter Box (Free Litter Scoop + Litter Mat)

$164.90 Regular Price
$149.90Sale Price
  • Materials: high-quality PP/PS, ECO friendly.
  • Magnetic suction cover.
  • Innovative grated steps.
  • Conceals and traps litter.
  • Pull-out tray for cleaning.
  • Compact and space saving.
  • White minimalistic outlook.
  • Recommended for cats within 5kg weight.
  • Size: 60.4x45.7x38.5cm.
  • Product Weight: 4.2kg.
  • Colour Options: White, Blue-Grey, Moss Green, Mint



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