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The ideal way to train your dog for toilet training.

The PETKIT Pura Dog- Dog Training Litter Tray is the whole new way to make puppy toilet training hassle-free! Constructed out of high-quality non-toxic resin and polystyrene, this enables the board to resist corrosion while remaining durable. Thanks to the detachable mesh panels that allow easy cleaning and washing, lift and place a new training pad underneath, and you're good to go!


Benefits and Features:

  • High-quality materials to ensure durability
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Resists corrosion and is non-toxic
  • Comfortable to use and ideal for puppies


PETKIT® Pura Dog - Dog Training Litter Tray

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  • Product Dimensions

Tray size: 52 cm L x 39 cm B x 4.7 cm H

Pee Pad: 47.5 cm L X 34.5 cm H