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Zodiac Tofu Cat Litter is a premium biodegradable and flushable cat litter.

  • This ZODIAC Fruity Tofu Cat Litter is made of soy pulp that is 100% natural and safe. This cat litter absorbs liquid with a fresh fruity scent, clumps in a second, and locks the odour effectively.
  • The litter is formed into 2mm diameter granules that are soft on paws and reduce tracking issues. With a high absorption rate and firmer clumping, you can even flush it away without any harm to the environment.
  • Highly recommended for those who love to support eco-friendly products.
  • By choosing Zodiac Tofu Cat Litter, you’ll find yourselves are free from the daily scooping and your lovely furry friends will finish their business in a 5-star environment.
  • Diameter of 2.0mm, soft on paws and dust free;
  • Fast absorption, quick clumping and easy scooping;
  • Natural scented brings freshness and is effective in odour control
  • No harmful chemical added;
  • Food-grade material, made from purely bean curd residue;
  • Biodegradable and flushable.
  • Also available in OriginalBlueberryGreen TeaPeach, Watermelon and Grapefruit.

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Looking for an environmentally friendly, easy to scoop and flushable cat litter? Look no further than ZODIAC® Fruity Tofu Cat Litter. Our unique formula is made with natural ingredients and is biodegradable and flushable, making it gentle on the environment. Plus, it's easy to scoop and has no harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about using it around your furry friend.

ZODIAC® Fruity Tofu Cat Litter 7L/2.5Kg - Peach

$17.99 Regular Price
$14.39Sale Price
Out of Stock
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 19 × 7 cm

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