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Do cats get lonely?

Many people often wonder, do cats get lonely? The answer is yes, but more accurately, they can feel bored! Just imagine during the COVID period when you were locked down at home. You probably felt bored and restless, even with your phone and computer. Now, imagine being a cat without those entertainments.

Boredom can reach catastrophic levels for cats, especially those in small spaces. With no outlet for their emotions, they resort to activities like rummaging through the trash, scratching furniture, or chewing on wires. Unfortunately, many owners scold their cats for such behaviors, adding another layer of stress.

There's also a common misconception that cats are independent creatures and don't require much attention compared to dogs. But have you ever considered that wild cats hunt for food and engage in activities like chasing mice, making their lives fulfilling and exciting? On the other hand, indoor cats often spend their days staring longingly out the window simply because they're bored!

If a cat doesn't receive enough companionship from its owner, it can lead to low moods and even physical health problems. Bored cats may sleep excessively, exercise less, and consequently face issues like obesity. Therefore, the key to rescuing a bored cat is providing various stimulating and interactive toys to keep them entertained and engaged.

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