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Pluto Square has a Stepper, Canopy, Weight and Safety Sensors

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Lifestyle References: plutosquare & prnewswire

Pluto Square is a modern cat litter cube that has an industry-first stepper and canopy, weight and safety sensors, plus other features to please pets and pet owners alike, such as a sieve a drop for odour control. The stylish cube is available in aesthetically pleasing shades like Jurassic Mint, Salmon Pink and Camel Beige, and it proves that bulky litter boxes are a thing of the past with its sleek style. Thanks to its thoughtfully designed components, the cat litter cube eliminates odour, splash and prevents dust. The mess-reducing cat litter solution is just the right size to accommodate a wide range of cats, ranging from kittens to big cats. The cat litter cube also has the ability to connect to an iOS and Android app to monitor cats' habits.

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