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Vetreska's Novelty Kitty Litter Box Has a Fun and Functional Theme

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Lifestyle References: prnewswire

Image Credit: Vetreska

There are plenty of kitty litter boxes that have designs with soft round edges but the Fruity Litter Box by Vetreska boasts a playful shape and a colour scheme that reminds of a summery melon. The watermelon-inspired litter box is bright, fun and functional, which makes it an aesthetically pleasing addition to the home rather than an eyesore, as some ultra-utilitarian designs can be.

The product has a drawer that prevents odours and it comes with a matching scoop and holder to make human interactions with the box as pleasant as possible. The extra-large collecting board is situated outside of the box so that less litter ends up getting stuck to paws and dirtying surfaces in the home.

The playful Fruity Litter Box is also available in styles that resemble limes and grapefruits.

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