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Updated: Feb 10

References: Design Milk

Whether it’s down the street or around the world, every adventure is better with our cats. Cat Carrier - is designed to make traveling with your cat safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

PIDAN® Pet Carry Backpack / Pet Carrier / Cat Carrier

The designed cat carrier offers both style and safety for your furriest family member. With a sleek silhouette and well-thought-out design, Cat Carrier is the ideal way to travel with your cat. Made with elegant materials, thoughtful accessories, and plenty of pockets, It’s suitable for cats – comfortable for them and convenient for you.

PETKIT® Breezy xZONE Pet Carrier / Cat Backpack

“We’ve always been very cognizant that aesthetics matter, a cat carrier is like a handbag – it can be a fashion statement as much as it is a safe mobile home for a cat.

FurryTail® Navigator Cat Backpack / Cat Carrier - For Adventurous Cats

Cat Carrier is great for travel, no matter your mode of transportation. Custom seatbelt clips and a buckle strap protect your catt during car travel.

FurryTail® Space Capsule Cat Carrier / Pet Carrier For Car (Free Pet Cushion)


Multi aspect physical mesh hole and smart ventilation system feature great air circulation. Inbuilt “mini fan” of this cat bag carrier provides a “movable air conditioner” for your cat or dogs against being hot inside in the sunshine. The Best Choice that you cannot go wrong with for your cat.


The inbuilt lamp with a gradual illuminating system will make your pet will feel warm and safe, and also extend your cat’s view at night. Healthy and durable material, no need to worry about damage done by clawing or gnawing. This cat travel carrier definitely ensures cats' comfort.


Designed with an Ergonomic shock absorbing back plate, a high-tech light gram material shoulder strap evenly distributes stress to reduce the burden of pressure. The hollow mesh structure ensures the back pad is ventilated, heat dissipated and sweat-proof. A MUST-HAVE pet backpack you will never regret having.


Entire backpack is about 3 lbs only. Item Dimensions: 23 x 27 x 44.5cm. Suggested Weight: 0-8kg for cats and small dogs. Detachable padded pad allows a pet to wad back and sit insides. The pocket on the other side is nice to fill in pet snacks and can be fixed on the car.

PETKIT® Breezy Intelligent Cat Backpack / Pet Carrier

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